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Help needed with redirect (and given)
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ARGOMENTO: Help needed with redirect (and given)

Help needed with redirect (and given) 7 Anni, 3 Mesi fa #2435


I think ReDJ is great and I would definitely purchase it, the problem is that I can't understand the syntax of the redirection commands. This means I can't get redirects to work and spend a lot of time getting frustrated. For example, I want to set up a temporary redirect TO one of my pages


FROM the front page of my site, so I set up a redirect to this from the front page. But what is the front page url? Is it www.uk-dentistry.org or is it {siteurl} or is it /index.php ? None of these seem to work. Also

I would be grateful if you could tell me and I know your customer service is very good but it seems to me that what I need (and presumably other new users) is a list of real-world examples of how to do the basic redirects. I have searched the manual and this forum for a list and I cannot find one. I would create one but it is a chicken-and-egg situation because I don't have the technical knowledge.

Is it possible that the users of this forum could all contribute to such a list?

Because I want to be helpful, I would like to make the following suggestions:

1. Can you put a link to the manual(s) on-line from the Item [Edit] page?
2. Can you put a list (or a link to a list) of common examples on the Item [Edit] page?
3. Would you consider changing the Enterprise macros from strikethrough typeface to grey or red, as strikethrough makes them difficult to read?
4. The instructions have a few small mistakes, they should read:

'From' URLs must be relative and start from the path. (For example: /default.asp)

Macros can be used in the destination URL to promote portability and to allow creation of dynamic destinations

To redirect all the URLs (including those which would not be managed by Joomla!), activate the .htaccess standard Joomla! file and add the following row:

ErrorDocument 404 /

Thank you very much.

Re: Help needed with redirect (and given) 7 Anni, 3 Mesi fa #2436

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Just a question before to answer...

Have you tried to read this?


If not, please, take a quick look at this quick guide. Is very short and there are a lot of useful examples.

After that, I will be glad to support you to set your redirects. And for this, you don't need to use the Enterprise version. Community is enough for 95% of users. Enterprise includes a few more features, but these are useful only "for enterprises"...

Best regards,
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