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Adding Tags To Articles
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ARGOMENTO: Adding Tags To Articles

Adding Tags To Articles 8 Anni, 3 Mesi fa #1331

Hi there,

First let me say thank you very much for the great Tag Meta Software, it is a fantastic addition to Joomla!

I have read through many of the posts on the forum, but am still confused over how to treat, Categories, or the the articles under them.

I have used the Tags fine with all other stand alone pages on my site, but hope you can advise me on the following please.

I have a category: thai-information, which I have added the tag successfully to.

Under that category I have many articles like the following:


My question is in two parts:

1/. Is there anyway to have "general tags" (ie. for all Thai Information articles) and also select the html TITLE from each individual article? Without me going through ALL articles one by one?

2/. If there is NOT, what would I need to use to generalize the tags for all articles under "thai-information" category?

Like what formula should I use?

Many thanks again for a great product,

Best Regards,


Re: Adding Tags To Articles 8 Anni, 3 Mesi fa #1332

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Hi John,
first thanks to you for using Tag Meta.

About Tag Meta usage, here you can find a good tutorial in english about all functions:


About your question I hope I got it so I try to answer. Tag Meta must be used for pages when there's no "native" way to set meta info, and usually this is not the case for articles. In your case it seems you need a kind of "default" set of values to apply to all articles under a category.

For any URL like /thai-information/44-celebrate-loy-krathong-in-thailand.html, if you create an item with URI "/thai-information/", then you match all the articles under this category. For this item you could define only meta info you want to "override", and leave blank the others. This should work because the plugin only replace non empty meta info (just look at the plugin code - line 60).

I hope this solve. Let me know if you need more help.

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Re: Adding Tags To Articles 8 Anni, 3 Mesi fa #1333

Hi Luigi,

Many thanks for the quick reply.
What I was really looking for was a quicker way of tagging all of the articles on the site, rather than going through them one by one.

So maybe inserting something like this in the Title Tag:

{Title} - Website.com, etc.etc.etc

Which picks up the title of each "individual article" from the mysql database.

Plus doing the same for both the description and keyword tags.

So it would take every article title from each article, insert it along with the general site tags, ie. Name etc.

Thanks again,

Best Regards,


Re: Adding Tags To Articles 8 Anni, 3 Mesi fa #1334

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You are welcome,
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