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ReDJ is a native extension (component + plugin) for Joomla! 1.5 and Joomla! 1.6 / 1.7 that allow to manage URL redirections. This is very useful for creating URL aliases, and managing redirections from an old URL to a new one. A very similar extension has been added into Joomla! 1.6, but ReDJ supports powerful regular expressions that allow to match more than one source URL. In this way it is possible to create a group of redirections with just one ReDJ item. It's so easy.

Also, now ReDJ comes with support for macros into destination URL. This means that from now the destination URL can be dynamic.

Finally, an "internal redirect" feature has been added (Enterprise version only). With these features now is possible to create "real" URL alias with Joomla!.

There are two versions of ReDJ, Community and Enterprise, both released under GPL license. The Community version is completely free, while the Enterprise version has a little subscription fee, but introduces some advanced features. Here's a comparison matrix between Community version and Enterprise version:


Features ReDJ Community ReDJ Enterprise
Intercept and redirect any error 404 URL Yes Yes
Support for 301 (Moved Permanently) Yes Yes
Support for 307 (Temporary Redirect) Yes Yes
Support for 200 (Internal Redirect) No Yes
Use of regular expressions to specify matching source URLs Yes Yes
Case-sensitive option on the matching source URLs Yes Yes
Use of macros to specify destination URL (dynamic destination URLs) Yes (17 macros) Yes (22 macros)
Custom error page Yes Yes
Use of macros to customize error page Yes (5 macros) Yes (5 macros)
Trace redirections with hits counter and info about last visit Yes Yes
Trace custom error page with hits counter and info about last visit Yes Yes
Trace errors with hits counter and info about last referer and time Yes Yes
Trace referers for each visited URL with hits counter and info about last visit Yes Yes
Configurable list of referers to exclude from trace wiith macro support Yes (2 macros) Yes (2 macros)
Option to redirect any error 404 URL to a custom page Yes Yes
Option to set a global base path (easy items portability) Yes Yes
Early Internal Redirect mode, to prevent conflicts with other extensions No Yes
License GNU Public License GNU Public License
Price Free 9 €
Download ReDJ Community
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